I keep going

I keep going

I keep going, one foot in front of the other

Step by step while the pain still lingers

Longing for you keeps me up all night

Missing you so much, why are you not at my side

Because the morning sky is so blue I keep going

Because purple and yellow flowers still dance in the wind

Because  with the children I still have a very long journey

And you would want me to live fully everyday

I keep going since life goes on around me

The water shimmers, the wind ruffles surrounding trees

The bay’s water reflects the last sun rays of summer

Happy seagulls above enjoy the September weather

I keep going my heart sustained by memories

By the thought that your love is always with me 

By listening to your voice in the car when I drive

Or kissing your smiling picture to say good night

But it is not easy, the ache even dull is still inside

Refusing  to go away with the passage of time

So I step forward, but sometimes my feet are heavy

Too far is the day when together again we will be…

Thùy Lan

To my beloved husband H V.

On September 25, 2018, you would be 61  

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